Hysteresis Effects in Bavarian Beech Forest Ecosystems through Climate Extremes (HyBBEx)

Junior research group at the Technical University of Munich in the Bavarian Network for Climate Research (bayklif), 2018-2023.


HyBBEx is project partner in NERC project "ForeSight". The project will be lead by Professor Alistair Jump at the University of Stirling, HyBBEx group leader Christian Zang will co-lead work packages to predict temporal changes of tree growth across the geographical range of beech, and to operationalise novel modelling and monitoring research to develop silviculturally robust management guidance for beech. Link to University of Stirling press release

Kickoff for the Bayklif projects BLIZ, HyBBEx, MINTBio, and BayForDemo at 22.10.2018 in Freising.

New paper shows complex mediation of beech growth response to summer drought via fructification. Link to article in Ecology Letters.